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Project: ZLF:!34z

Energy of positive Kinetic Flaneurians

26/9/11 06:49 - Shwaaa..

Man, I hate it when I find a rad journal group & no one has posted a thing in years!!! D:<
My hopes built up BUT CRASH to the floor in a matter of seconds. 
It's like.. the dissapointment / sorrow of an ice cream cone plummeted into the dirty pebbled ground on a hot summers day..
Bottom lip quivring style.

You know why I get over these kinds of dissapointments?
Because, many things tend to grasp my attention quite freqently and often.
This morning the word Throzien was stuck in my head for some reaon.
Then I found 1920's macabre victorian art fasinating.
Which lead me to gaslamp erotica.
Then there was broderie collars.

8/9/11 21:49 - Empty house & baby sitting pets.

I'v had the house to myself for the day. + last night. & tomarrow morning/ afternoonish.

My parents went on holiday to the beach for a date weened. 
Saying thank you end of summer.  Welcome autum fall.
Probbly will be photos to show from that.
Since, I haven't even seen the coast yet. With my own eyes.

I have had our house guest dog Smidgy + our dog Amber + my cat Lexie to hang out with.
It's been alright thus far. 
Haven't set the house on fire.  Nore lost any pets..  :3

I did however, have my sister come over to cleanse the house.
I feel much better now.
Much, much better.

I have enjoyed the dead silence of the house.
Feels nice.
Very relaxing.

I also made minty brownies.  Been nibbling on those.
They actually came out nice.

Must remember to wash the dish's in the sink before bed.

31/8/11 16:24 - Writer's Block: "Anybody home? Think, McFly, Think!"

I'm going to nerd out right now & say: Lord Voldemort for his relentless obbsessive evil doing & Professor
Who is the meanest movie bully?
Severus Snape in which i still don't fully understand his rediculous tyrades. Hands down.  The worst villians. I.M.O.

31/8/11 13:11 - F o c u s s

Clean bathroom to be presentable.
Clear clutter.
That is all.

29/8/11 16:35

I need this place to look normal again! 
Why can't I seem to plug threw the mass that is not my room.
Not spooky enough.
sad face.

27/8/11 21:53

I don't want to see reminders of what I lost; s o, I avoid. I didn't want any reason to repeat reminding myself of any of them that I no longer have, s o, I hacked off reason to visit. After I hacked a bit off.  I felt seductivly distructive. S o, I choped off whatever else was troubling me. I hate my time being wasted. It's insticutal for me to cause destructive chaos & then to set in re-organizing. Distruction in my world focuss's me... in a dark state of mind... to push forward. It's a thin line to walk I'm efficient at it. But;  I  s t r u g l e  to think along the lines of intoxicating infectious colors with glitter / sprinkles & sweeties. I am very naturally a pessimist. It's a strugle for me to be possiitve.
I miss how my world was.

27/8/11 02:03

You know when you start to fall asleep, you sort of hear the start to voices from characters running threw movie like things in your head.
I'm curious as to how many other people hear this? If at all.

This is the number one indication I have that I am either fighting sleep, or that I need to get a move on with putting myself to bed.
Strange phenomenon.
I don't really think it's another dimension overlapping because I have control as to where the characters conversations will be going. Then again, I am not an official scientist in that field of study. So, really. What would I know ;p
Just an observant dreamer

24/8/11 01:29

" PA 1:17 am
Help me become a millionaire! I'll come rescue you.
I'll buy you your own pet unicorn! And we shall name him Frumplekins!

NB 1:20 am
Oh Frumplekins ^ ^ .. what a glorious name

PA 1:21 am
And he can dance!
And when he jumps, there are rainbows behind him, but his rainbows have pink, and at the end of the rainbow is a basket of kittens.

PA 1:23 am

    Frumplekins is an excellent dancer. o.o

NB 1:25 am

    Frumplekins brings giggles "

24/8/11 00:42

What's with you gentilmen & asking for photos?

I haven't suddenly woken up in the morning with my face changed to something ghastly offensive!  I still look the same, maybe a little older. For pettes sake I'm sill 27 & I am tyered of that grosely offensive nagging for constant attention ego fillers!

I mean really.
W. T. F.

You better not be secretly wanting to put those photos in a spank bank!!
This sort of thing borse me.

23/8/11 16:30

I feel very destructive today.

21/8/11 13:48 - Q&A

Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?

I would rathe lose all my old memories because I'd rather spend my time pressing forward then looking back at things, woundering all the should of could of would of's in life.  Also knowing me, Id have reminders of things old and past, photos, Journals, funny storys friends tell me once happened.  Why waste a life reflecting on things you have no control over.  Why not press on improving the life you have here and now.

16/7/11 22:59 - personal note to clear cut.

It's funny what will happen when you just don't say shit about how much you diss-like a place & seek to help out around where ever needs the most help at present because you don't feel like your pulling your weight/ feel like a useless piece of shit. 
It's not that I feel any particular need to not open my mouth listing off from 1 to 100 on topic, all that bothers me.
It's just more a since of feeling as though I'd be smart mouthing off to those around me. OR adding complaint to the air. OR Bitching about petty things that waste energy. 

Waste of energy being the key word there.

Id rather just spend my time moving forward, not looking back.
Keeping my mouth shut on the endless mountain of shit going on. 
Why bother setting about warring on every little thing. Or correcting it.  Picking away at things.  :/
Is this was a Sylvia Plath kind of life, I'd be flawless at that picking game.
I think Its more appropreate at present to sit back watch it all, take it in. 
Set stone still & feel out the creep that rests all around me.
Strike when all has fallen asleep, fattened & glazed . 
I am one of those sillent killers.

I am sick to death of hypercritical flaber mouthed lazy authority figures, rolling around wide gaped, Festering with complaint.
F E S T E R I N G !
Foul mouthed, foul tempered.
I've hit my end with temperance to ill behaved persons thinking they can get away with crossing bounds.
Grow the fuck up. Have some fucking respect. 
You want me to respect you, show some respect.
It's really simple to get along with me. Couldn't be more clean cut.
This could be simple. 
This could be simple.

I only have three goals this year.
Get situated
Move out
Be happy.

13/7/11 19:39

I passed the DMV test!!     HUZA XD
I'm also all set for a new bank account. I have no money in it. but it's set up.. lol
New job time. Mmm  >..<

10/7/11 23:11

Tomorrow, Monday.  Will be a marker of living in Organ for two weeks.
Getting work set up was put on pause. 
I found in order to open an account with a bank in town. 
They require an ID with current residence :/ 
Which lead me over to the DMV for a new drivers license.

I've been studying the hand books.  Test is this Tuesday.
Any thing else here has mostly been sifting threw box's
My uncle's come to stay with us for a week or so, because, his house has been flooded out.
The Minot, North Dakota flooding has been terrible.  I'm sure things will work out.
In the mean time, we get my uncle for a visit. :D

27/6/11 23:53 - Final moving update.

Just wanted to update you all.
I'm up in Oregon now.
Took a 15 hour drive to get here.  Drove straight threw from SD, California.  We had our cat Lexie with us is why we took to driving over flying.  Our neighbors across the street are hosting a wedding, so in a month. My mom & I will go back to pick up the rest of what we have there.  So much to do up here :/

14/6/11 15:51

I have an addiction to Daily Booth's art support.  Or, at least that's what I use media tools for.
Hyper focussing on possitive influence is a good practice..
Why don't more people utalize that skill? 
I do enjoy how simple life is set up to be.
It's just a matter of not complicating things.

12/6/11 14:01

It was really nice falling asleep thinking of my Buddy Willard hands & waking up to dreams of kisses.

5/6/11 23:35

19 days till the move up to Organ. It's been 6 months stuck here in the in-between. Let the time pass swiftly.
All this absent time has given me new light of not missing a thing.  And a need to create more.
We I get sorted I will have to sift threw a great deal & toss most of it.
Just a few more fair wells to go.
Hopefully the last few will not disappoint.

20/5/11 20:50 - My my..

"out and about with my main bitch ♥"
I want a main Bitach..
Just sayin'

I lied.

I want a whole group of main Bitch's

A very solid group at that.

19/5/11 14:44 - Writer's Block: Dynamite with a laser beam

What's your favorite line from a song, and why?

sod your talk of song lyrics.  "Dynamite with a laser beam" reminded me of a very amusing conversation I had once with a friend of mine, went a little like: "Well not that kind of laser beam! *hand held light saber* I mean the bigger ones; the space craft bigger ones, already mounted!"
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