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Project: ZLF:!34z

New years resolution?

13/2/12 22:55 - New years resolution?

I changed things around in here again.  Just trying to make better use of this space to the best advantage I can.  I also noticed I do a lot more hidden updates then I'd like.  Onto the first update of the year O..O sorry.
New years here like everything else went UNcelebrated like I enjoy doing things.  At first I made no new years resolution, because in general i think they are lame.  But then I pondered what I would really like to get out of this year. & of course, came up with two.
Be happy + Move out.  ...lolz Tra La - La. new years resolution in Feb :3 
How is everyone else coming with their resolutions thus far in the year?

So, being that Jan. was a fail for my sisters birthday *i feel*  I decided that I'll be turning mine into a tea party!! 
To sort of make up for the lack of celebration for B + I feel like a terrible little sister (in general) *please don't ask.
Also have decided I refuse to lose track of my friends from Cali.  I just love & adore them too much. 
So I'm picking up my postcard exchange.  To kick off that lovely side project. I picked up fortune cookie v. cards.  Which after I'm done with them & have them sorted. Will be sweet :3  It has been really fun thus far doodling, stickering, stamping, folding, packaging, & note writing to each of my friends.
Last thing I've noticed I've picked up doing as of this month & actually helps make me feel OK about life.  Is my Pro's / Con's list making.  Simple. Yes I know. But effective. 

Since last nights dream & into Today: I have an industrial song stuck in my head, but fail to know the artist!
"If you've got the money honey, I've got the time"
*Is peeved. ~_~
I hope the song plays within the next day or so, So that, I may be able to actually track down said unknown song. Mmm!!

I guess that is all for now.
Hope everyone is doing alright.
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