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dissalutioned War horse authority

5/5/12 03:25 - dissalutioned War horse authority

to withdraw from heroin.
Retraction from emotion
Feral, fiercely independent, self sufficiency
I don't see a point in participating in life's human control game.
I find the system is horribly askew.
we've grown too accustomed to others negotiating our life's,
advertising thin solutions,
too many choice diversions.
Spend too much time not looking deep enough within ourselves for solutions to overcome our weakest points.
P.S.'s: Problems. Solutions. Strength / Weakness, Plain as day at our fingertips.
Thankfully, life's k i s S I M P L E
humans all crave directions. weather we want to acknowledged that or not.
I'm glad I see the simplicity.
I struggle translating / applying it into my life lessons.

Id like to have regular visits to a cognitive therapist.

I'm not an ambitious person
I'm not a materialistic person in the least.

I'd burn all my possessions to prove that point.
In small ways, I cut back, hack, reduce, donate, offer off parts of my life to others if/when they ask.
"If/when a stranger asks for provisions, give them that of which they ask & that of which they don't ask. 
I find that sort of selfless generosity , encouraging, 

i find the human race shameful.
I'm continually exhausted.

I feel affronted by others around me on an alarmingly frequent rate.

I diss like myself, however,
I'm not ashamed of who I am. Or my life's position.
I will not be made to feel terrible for my faults, I embrace them.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with me
No one, other then myself has the power to loom; war horse, destroy, tear down. over my life.
No one has that authority.
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