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28/4/12 23:58 - Waste

Today did not accomplish what I wanted.
I found last summers mango salsa recipe though.
Have endless things to write about, seemingly; no one to communicate these ideas with! F!! 
Life keeps telling me -why bother unless its making you money- My response is -Money for what though, adult responsibility?- I don't foresee being here long (regardless of how crazy that may sound) or at least it feels like a coming to a close end is about to swoop down on all life. +Plus+ we don't take anything with us in the end.
Idk, I guess I can see why nihilist's see the world as pointless. Aside from the simple urge to exist & interact with existence.

So to feel like less of an asshole human, I'm cleaning out the second computer, So I can do some work.
The boy friend is no help with life at the moment of course. I can't lie that i am extremely disappointed with that.

What the F ever I guess, Why do I expect life to be less of a bitch. I know better.
Can't help laughing in the end about everything.
Life is such a joke.

Took a bunch of books to the goodwill today.
I'm happy to get rid of as many materialistic possessions as humanly possible.
I feel like the less I own the more clearly I see life.
Woo I sound like a weirdo
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