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Paranormal experience: Tag

13/4/12 12:56 - Paranormal experience: Tag

I filmed part of my start on Grav3yardgirl's paranormal experience vlog. 
Total of 13 questions :3  Tried doing a run threw for a prep video to get the time as close to ten minutes as possible.
Firth run threw was an hour, Second time around was half an hour, Third filming was fifteen minutes.
Thought I'd leave the questions below for others to possibly use/add to.
1. How old where you when you had your first paranormal experience?
2. Have you always believed in ghosts?
3. Where is your favorite place to investigate?
4. What is your favorite place to investigate?
5. What is your scariest paranormal experience?
6. What is your favorite paranormal experience?
7. Do you know anyone else personally who has paranormal experiences?
8. Do you have trouble convincing friends & family about your paranormal experience?
9. Favorite T.V. show or movie?
10. What would be your dream place to investigate?
11. Do you prefer to investigate alone or in a group?
12. Is your home haunted?
13. Have you ever had any paranormal experiences with animals?
Hope you enjoy these, please feel free to leave your story's below! <3
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