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For the good of clear space!!

12/3/12 21:47 - For the good of clear space!!

This morning I woke up again wanting to do a little stretching + dancing.
I woke up like that yesterday as well, just didn't actually get to dance at all.
Not today Suck'a!!!  I win. Must keep up working out & stretching. Mmm hmm ^ ^

Then, for the better part of this afternoon (grinding my teeth frequently)
I worked on purging my closet of all: unfitting /unworn*still with price tag & or all unloved clothing!! 
Dang, what a mighty chore.
It started off firstly by doing laundry, then I decided I will be taking better care of what I currently have + do a little ironing. 
Which of course lead to a purge I'd been wanting to start for quite a while.
Plotted quite a few pieces I'll be re-working into fun D.I.Y. projects :}
There's a large pile waiting at my door for a thrift store drop off trip.
Pile is actually impressing. 

I can't help thinking, how many other people have these strange domestic list's of things they never get around to doing!?
I fail to understand the word & meanin
g of boredom.  There is always something one could work on Or clean.
Isn't it more
accurate to say people lack motivation rather then suffer from boredom to finish projects they put off?
well anyways.  Enough rambling.
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