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It might SNOW.

3/11/11 22:26 - It might SNOW.

November's National Novel writing month has started.
& is going swell.
I'll post the results as they fall at my feet. In finished form.

Also, This whole getting seasons back is amazing to my brain.
Season over load! :) Mmmmmm fall <3 how I've missed thee.
My mom is displeased with it though.
I could see her going back to SD. I don't blame her.
Tonight the weather under ground says that is is supposed to get to 29* + it was raining just a little while ago. Ergo. Either Ice or snow in the morning. bewhaha

Things with the man critter are going well.
Most of the time though, my brain feels like its sizzling with over exhaustion regarding subject matter on topic. Verbally speaking that is. Things will calm down after a while, I have to keep remembering. Long run. Just have to keep in mind, the long run.

I definitely need therapy.

So, I would like to pick up my postcard exchange more.
If anyone is interested with this: P.O.Box 11, Williams, OR 97544
I do enjoy hunting down awesome stuffs to send via snail mail.

I guess that is all. Hope everyone is doing well. <33
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